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Gen Grinders is a Project of Gen Plastik Ltd Co., which is the leading company at supplying high-tech plastic parts.

Gen Plastik with its long years experience in supplying high-tech plastic parts for various  industries, works within the frame work professional team aproach. Since its establishment it has been progressing in mould production and plastic injection industry as a subsidiary company  for the leading companies in its area and trying to present defect free products for all its customers

Gen Plastik is a leader company in producing high quality products which has the knowledge, ability and know-how for manufacturing elegant, stylish, functional and customer oriented products in its area of expertise by providing on time deliveries, good communication and excellent service.

First and foremost, we have kept our commitment to a circular economy since our first day and we have sought for solutions only that meet the needs of nature as well as of customers and consumers.

With respect to the quality of Gen Plastik  products,methods of control during production and testing of the finished products make our lines reliable and safe over time.

Our offer is aimed at anyone who seeks the best quality-cost ratio.

Founder's note

Gen Grinders has been a leading company in the industry since 2000. Gen Grinders, which exports to more than 40 countries, is an innovative company that renews itself as required by the day and presents products to its customers with its renewed state-of-the-art machine park.

CEO: Gökhan Binoğlu


Family owned Gen Plastik was first established at early 70s and now 2nd generation is managing the company. During the first years mainly focused on mold making to household appliance manufacturers. By mid 80s started to invest for plasitc injection process and produced various parts to household appliances, automotive and food sectors.

By early 2012 started to increase his focus on food sector and made investments for RD of grinders and closures. Thanks to strong work done now we are the leading company in Turkey and increasing our share everyday in the global marketplace. Our products have been meeting the end consumers in more than 40 countries all over the world.

For the future we will keep investing for RD studies and keep our sustanability and legacy for coming generations through transmission of the accumulated know-how and expertise in injection moulding, customer relations and high service standards.

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