The Perfect Balance of Flavour and Safety:
Our BRC Certified Spice Grinders

We offer grinders made of widely and easily recyclable materials like, for example, PET. And we use % 100 natural ceramic grinders. Enjoy the taste of life with natural touch.

Your satisfaction, as our esteemed customers, remains our top priority. We hope to establish closer connections with you through WhatsApp Business.

We use magical techniques to
create wonders.

Our cleverly designed and versatile packaging solutions blend high quality, functionality and durability. With our continuous innovation approach, at Gen Grinders we are introducing more and more sustainable and ecological alternatives to our packaging.


Gen Grinders was established in Izmir in 2000 as a subsidiary of Gen Plastik Ltd Co., a leading company in the supply of high-tech plastic parts. Exporting to more than twenty countries, Gen Grinders is an innovative company that renews itself every day as required by the age and offers its products to its customers with its renewed state-of-the-art machinery.