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About Gen Grinders

The company has been operating for 30 years as a specialist for plastic packaging solutions in 50 countries. Experience, know-how and attention to detail transform ideas with potential into products of the highest quality.


Gen Grinders was established in Izmir in 2000 as a subsidiary of Gen Plastik Ltd Co., a leading company in the supply of high-tech plastic parts. Exporting to more than twenty countries, Gen Grinders is an innovative company that renews itself every day as required by the age and offers its products to its customers with its renewed state-of-the-art machinery.

80% of Gen Grinders employees are women.

Gen Plastic Founded

In 2008, we started an exciting journey with the establishment of Gen Plastik. At that time, we started with only 4 injection molding machines, and this was the first step that led us to this day.


New Factory

In 2011, we stepped into a new era and had the chance to continue our activities in our new 2000 square meter building by growing even more.

Molding Plant Investment

In 2012, we continued our growth and invested in a molding plant. We supported this important step with 3 CNC sewing machines.


We Opened to International Markets

In 2013, we were proud to have a presence in international markets; we realized our first mill export to Germany.

Equipment Investment

In 2014, we added 8 injection molding machines to our equipment to accelerate our growth.


Exports to 11 Countries Started

In 2015, we increased our presence in the international arena and increased the number of countries we export to 11.

Ceramic Grinders

In 2015, we added ceramic mills to our portfolio to enrich our product range. This step contributed greatly to increasing the number of countries we export to.


Pet Bottle Production

In 2017, we adopted an environmentally friendly approach and started producing PET bottles as an alternative to glass bottles.

4500 m² New Factory

In 2018, we continued our growth and moved to a new 4500 m² factory.


Our Corporate Identity Renewed

In 2019, we started a new era with the renewal of our corporate identity and changes in our logo and corporate colors.

Machine Invesment

In 2020, we increased the number of injection molding machines to 18 in order to increase our production capacity.


BRC Packaging Materials Certificate

In 2021, we were awarded BRC Packaging Materials certification thanks to our high quality standards and safety efforts.

Exports to more than 30 countries

In 2021, the number of countries we exported to exceeded 30, further strengthening our presence in the international arena.


PET Bottles and Mills, rPET is now used.

In 2021, we made an important addition to our product range by adopting an environmentally friendly approach and switching to the use of rPET in plastic PET bottles and mills.

We Continue Our Journey Unabated.

In 2023, we continue our journey without slowing down by collaborating with environmental, investment and industry giants, continuing our R&D studies and environmental awareness.